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JCM800 Comparison + Real Amp [Kemper, Axe, Ampsim, TriRec]

Hi, Another Comparison. DI Guitar tracks recorded by: Arkadiusz Gałka Some info about samples (random order so easy) and  signal chain: All samples recorded with same Real Miced Cab! Mesa Rectifier Horizontal 2×12 60W v30] and single sennheiser e906! Kemper DI profile (just head profile…

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Kemper Producer Pack IV

Kemper Producer Pack IV

  New Kemper Producer Pack Out January 1, 2018. 15 Amps 16 diff cabinets. Many diff speakers and microphones. Studio, Direct, Merged (Diezel Herbert). Have Fun! All Amps available also as a single Amp Packs. Link to Pack: Producer Pack IV. Full list of profiled…

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SinMix Mixing Contest! [Win Kemper Producer Pack]

SinMix Mixing Contest! [Win Kemper Producer Pack]

Contest Announcement and Song Song “DIVIDED” by Łukasz Jackowski Link to Multitrack: https://exit.sc/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Fopen%3Fid%3D0By4pjThsHAhyejJ4bU1OVXoxaWs Contest Rules All mixes must be submitted by the December 2nd 2017 deadline at Midnight EST. A winner will be announced on December 6th 2017 at 6pm EST All DI guitars tracks…

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