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Quad Cortex Capture vs Real Amp – Razor SinAmp

Hi Guys! Finally my short comparison between my Custom SinAmp and QuadCortex Capture. Signal Chain: SinAmp (internal boost) > Mesa Rectifier 412 > single sm57  All samples without eq just Real Amp QC Capture even in a mix! Why one guitar quadtracked and then in…

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Quad Cortex Capture – Boss MT2 – Metal Zone

Quad Cortex Capture – Boss MT2 – Metal Zone

  Hi Guys! Not easy to profile pedals with Kemper, lets see how close QuadCortex can capture core sounds of Boss MT2 Metal Zone pedal. Short comparison and simple signal chain: Real Boss MT2 or Neural Capture > Cabinet IR ( in this case my…

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New is Coming! Neural DSP QuadCortex

New is Coming! Neural DSP QuadCortex

Hi Guys! New toy to try! Let’s see how its sounds compared to Kemper and few more things. In touch!

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