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10 Amps/Direct Amp Profiles on Real Cab!

10 Amps/Direct Amp Profiles on Real Cab!

Hi Guys!, This time let’s  compare different Amps/Kemper Direct Amp Profiles with the same cab mic and mic pos. Signal chain is simple. Kemper >Tamp PowerAmp > Mesa Rectifier 2×12 V30 Cab > single sm57. This is not only my direct amp profiles. Amps Used…

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Again Real Amp vs Kemper Profile

Again Real Amp vs Kemper Profile

There is many comparisons between Real Amp and Kemper Profile – most of them based on single guitars track. Let’s test some more. Gear Used: EVH 5153, Razor Custom Boost, Mesa Rectifier 2×12 V30, shure sm57, Heil PR20, AT AE3000. Go! Lets Hear how sounds…

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15 Metal Bass Kemper Profiles StoMP: DarkGlass B7K NOTE! STOMP Profiles Only – without blend mode Stomp+PowerAmp+Cab+Mic – Blended mode CABINETS: Hesu W212WHB 2×12 [CELESTION SEVENTY 80/EMINENCE GOVERNOR] Mesa Rectifier Horizontal 2×12 [CELESTION VINTAGE 30 SPEAKERS] David Laboga DL212FS-PRO 2X12 [CREAMBACK 65/CELESTION VINTAGE 30 SPEAKERS]…

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