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New Kemper Pack! Mesa Roadking II

http://www.brickwall.pl/store/index.php?id_product=73&controller=product 41 Metal Kemper Profiles 6 – DIRECT AMP PROFILES 35 – STUDIO PROFILES AMP: Mesa Roadking II CABINETS: DL212 FS-PRO Creamback 65/Celestion V30 Mesa Rectifier Horizontal 2×12 V30 Mesa Oversized 4×12 V30 Mesa Stiletto 2×12 V30 ZILLA SV 2X12 V30/G12T75 Marshall 4×12 MF400 K100…

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Framus Cobra – Razor SinBox Test!

Framus Cobra – Razor SinBox Test!

Hi, Short test of Framus Cobra boosted with Razor SinBox. Band Feared song ” my Shadow World” Signal Chain: Framus Cobra > Razor SinBox > Mesa Rectifier/Stiletto 2×12 > 2xsm57. Enjoy! http://www.brickwall.pl/cobra/COBRA_GIT_4.mp3 GUITARS http://www.brickwall.pl/cobra/SHADOW_COBRA.mp3 SHORT MIX   Razor SinBox review  

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DVMARK Triple 6 Kemper Profiles [Raw/Mix]

DVMARK Triple 6 Kemper Profiles [Raw/Mix]

5 Kemper Profiles, Amp used: DV Mark Triple 6. Let’s listen firstly raw guitar sound, are you able to tell which tracks will sound “best” in the mix? What You think? SAMPLE 01 http://www.brickwall.pl/dvmarkrock/FOURGRAHAM_01_G.mp3 SAMPLE 02 http://www.brickwall.pl/dvmarkrock/FOURGRAHAM_02_G.mp3 SAMPLE 03 http://www.brickwall.pl/dvmarkrock/FOURGRAHAM_03_G.mp3 SAMPLE 04 http://www.brickwall.pl/dvmarkrock/FOURGRAHAM_04_G.mp3 SAMPLE 05…

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