Custom Profiles

11882374_1023248951038948_7060458118006411082_oAfter two highly successful profile packs, SinMix presents you with the opportunity to have custom profiles made for you and tailored to your needs!
You will need to provide the following :
1. A backing track or full multitrack of one song (DIs must be included).
2. Make a selection of amp & cab combination from those available. You will then be provided with .mp3 clips of the profile soloed and in your song.
3. Once you are happy with the sound (within the agreed number of days), you will be supplied with the profile(s) once payment has been carried out.
Amps List:
1.  Peavey 6505, 5150
2. Peavey Triple XXX,
3. Peavey JSX,
4. Mesa Boogie DR Rev.F small logo 1992,
5. Mesa Single Rectifier,
6. Soldano SLO100 Clone,
7. Engl Savage KT88,
8. Marshall JCM800 2203 Kerry King,
9. VHT Deliverance,

Cabinets List:
1.  Mesa Rectifier Horizontal [2×12 V30] 2. Mesa Stiletto [2×12 V30] 3. Zilla SV [2×12 V30/G12T75] 4. David Laboga [2×12 V30/Creamback C65] 5. Hesu Modern [2×12 Eminence Governor/Celestion Seventy 80]

1. Shure sm57,
2. Audix I5,
3. Sennheiser MD 421,
4. Audio Technica AT AE3000,
5. Heil PR20

More Info Soon!