About Me

Real/full name: Grzegorz  Kulawiak Age: 46 (born Dec 13, 1976) Place of origin: Poland (Lublin) Gender: Male


A professional musician since 1991. Cofounder of the bands Cataclysm and Ravendusk. For many years a bass player of Ravendusk (1997-2008).

Since 2008, he has been running a home music studio – SinquestSound Studio – where he has been recording and mixing music of around 100 local bands. A huge fan of the guitar sound, microphone amplifiers and reamping. Since 2014, he has been creating professional high-quality Kemper profiles. He has prepared profiles for over 70 world-class amplifiers and been the inspiration for many other engineers (CiliLabs) and using excellent Mesa Cabs and customized David Laboga and Hesu Cabs. He has also been responsible for reamping, mixing and mastering. Many of his works can be found in the tabs Mix&Mastering and Reamping.

Do you need professional guitar reamping? Would you like me to mix a record or a song of your band? Are you looking for professional Kemper profiles? Contact me!

And Remember – Stay Metal!