One Song Mix – Kemper – Axe FXIII – Helix – Kraken – Free Ampsims

Hi Guys!

Song Mixed by Me with all my gear. More info about song here:

No more words – lets listen mixes!

Kemper Amps – Profiles from my Custom SinAmp grab it here:

Fractal Axe FXIII – Presets from my Metal Pack grab it here:


HX STOMP – Presets from my Producer Pack grab it here:

Victory The Kraken [Real Amp] + Torpedo Live – Cab IR’s from my Torpedo Cab Pack Pack grab it here:


Free Ampsims [5150 and slo100 ] from Vadim Taranov ] + SinMix My IR Pack [Mesa OS & Bogner Ubercab] grab it here:



Stay Metal!