Kemper Profile vs Kemper Preset!

Hi, So here short comparison between Kemper Profile and Kemper Preset. Few things:

1. Kemper Profile – Image of a whole signal chain Room > Guitar > Pickups > Boost > Amp > Cab > Speaker> Mic > Microphone position and probably few other things.

2. Kemper Preset – Edited Kemper Profile, can be just eq or added some fx like reverb delay etc…

Now, what we have here?: Victory The Kraken > Marshall MF 400 cab loaded with G12K100 speaker and Heil PR20 mic. Song used is a cover of KSE made by Jotun Studio – mixed backing track + 4 DI guitar tracks (ready for reamping) DI tracks were also used for refining profile and set an amp. If You want to make a preset from a profile first listen a profile 😀 Now You know what is annoying what needs to be boosted and what to cut. In my preset only eq was used, ok 2 eq one studio eq in slot x (for cutting annoying freq coming from miced cab – yes yes if You know how sounds cabs and some mics then You know what to cut or boost.) and one global eq that’s all. Now lets listen audio samples.

1 Guitar track – Kemper Profile

1 Guitar track – Kemper Preset


Now its time for 4 Guitar tracks (for sure You can hear more - I think :p)

4 Guitar tracks – Kemper Profile

4 Guitar tracks – Kemper Preset


And Finall "Mix" Backing track + all guitars

Mix Kemper Profile

Mix Kemper Preset

Easy? I think it’s easy. For sure You can use eq same way in every DAW after recording but… for live use better to make presets before the gig.

As a bonus Kemper Preset here:


Stay Metal!