5153 Real vs Kemper Profile in a “Mix”

For even more Fun, today want to compare some random profile (not mine own) and my real 5153 and miced cab. What we have here? 5153 Kemper profile from well knowed Guy (People like that profile many ohhh uhh ahh amazing best 5153 profile etc…) and Real 5153. In both cases Mesa 412 OS cab was used and single sm57.

Step 1. Single guitar track.

One guitar – Kemper Profile

One guitar – Real Amp


Step 2. Four guitar tracks.

4 Guitars – Kemper

4 Guitars – Real Amp


Step 3. Four guitar tracks + backing track.

Kemper guitars + Backing Track

Real Amp guitars + Backing track

So, can You tell something about diff in a mix or no? Not asking about diff in eq but more about which one sounds more wide, with more depth. TBH 98% comparisons ended on step 1 – just check YT videos, but IMO all small diff are summed in bigger one what You can hear in audio examples from step 2 and 3.

As always most importan question is? Do you care on that small diff or nope . all depend on You and your personal preferences.

Stay Metal!