10 Amps and One Cab Comparison!


Band: Feared
Song: Mylingen

Signal Chain:
Boost: Maxon OD 808 [Clean Boost] Overdrive = 0, Tone = 12 Balance = 12
Cab: Orange PPC 212 [70W Celestion V30 Speaker] Shure sm57

Note! Please try to compare first riff of this song and then go to 0″39 with all samples and compare again!

Amp 01

Amp 02

Amp 03

Amp 04

Amp 05

Amp 06

Amp 07

Amp 08

Amp 09

Amp 10

One Song, One cab, one mic pos!

Next Comparison: One Amp and 10 diff Cabs!


Amplist can be found here

Stay Metal!

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