SinMix Producer Pack II Out Now!

SinMix Producer Pack II Out Now!


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Direct Amp Pack II Out Now – Promo code Inside Pack I

After five months of work it is finally here, introducing the Producer Pack II. Everything you will ever need to get the ultimate tone at your disposal. Our wide variety of profiles cover limitless genres from stoner metal, death metal, hardcore metal, thrash metal, nu metal, djent, alternative and much more! Having amassed a collection worthy of sharing the Producer Pack 2 includes some of the classic , modern and highly sought after amplifiers on the market today. The PP2 includes:

PRS Archon
Mesa Single Rectifier
Peavey JSX
Marshall JCM800 Kerry King
Bash Sidewinder Dorico
Framus Dragon
Engl Fireball
Orange Tinny Terror
Razor Champ

On the road? we got you covered. Our profiles are direct amp ready! plug your kemper straight into your cabinet and enjoy the power that the PP2 brings. The more time you will spend with the pack the more options you will discover! Take your mixes to the next level with the Producer Pack 2.

Stay Metal!